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Interview Tips

Here is the list of some useful Interview Tips . Check yourself on these basic points before you go on that all-important interview.

Interview Tips

1) Be Honest

Speak honestly and accurately about your experience and qualifications. Keep in mind, exaggeration or embellishing is a form of dishonesty—and it could do more to harm your career than help it.

2) Give Proper Explaination about your project.

Tell about the project that you have successfully completed. Make the very most of this question to highlight your skills and abilities which led to the successful completion of the project – being careful to pick those which are most of relevance to the job for which you are now applying.

3) Don't Talk Too Much.

Telling the interviewer more than he needs to know could be a fatal mistake.

4) Listen carefully to the questions.

From the very beginning of the interview, your interviewer is giving you information, either directly or indirectly. If you are not hearing it, you are missing a major opportunity. Good communication skills include listening and letting the person know you heard what was said. Observe your interviewer, and match that style and pace.

5) Tell about your achievement.

Try to pick an achievement that is still quite recent. It is essential you keep it real. Raise your energy levels, get excited, sit up proudly in your chair and make that impact!

6) Be on Time.

Never arrive late to an interview. Allow extra time to arrive early in the vicinity, allowing for factors like getting lost. Enter the building 10 to 15 minutes before the interview.

7) Dress Code.

Select what to wear to the interview and check them over for spots and wrinkles. Even if the company has a casual environment, you don't want to look like you slept in your outfit. Above all, dress for confidence. If you feel good, others will respond to you accordingly.

8) Make Good First Impressions.

The obvious one – first impressions count! You have no idea how true this is. You need to smile , Eye contact and make sure you have a firm handshake.